Hi, my name’s Rory & I’m a beer blogger, member of CAMRA and future Beer Sommelier…hopefully. I started blogging my beer adventures in December 2016 with the main aim of following my quest to become a beer sommelier and whatever lies beyond that. As someone with no industry experience, beyond some bar work, hopefully it’ll serve as a guide to people like me who want to learn more. I’m also writing about the places I’ve visited, beers I’ve tried and beer events I’ve been to. I’ll mainly be looking at West London & Cambridgeshire. As well as this I want to cover some topics like: the big brewers and their affect on independents, the craft movement and what it is, beer styles and environmental impact alongside many others. Apart from my main aim hopefully it’ll encourage some people to try some really great beer.


I’ve has been interested in beer for a long time, this interest came from my family (Wright) who used to run and own Ward’s Brewery in Sheffield until it was closed in 1999. In fact that’s where the name of the blog has come from, as the brewery was called the ‘Sheaf Brewery’. My interest has gathered since 2010 when I visited Belgium on a motorcycle tour and had the pleasure of drinking some excellent beer. Since then I’ve been a convert to cask and bottled ale, and since 2015 become interested in craft beer.

I definitely don’t consider myself a beer snob and will try anything.  It’s all about quality for me at the end of the day so whether that’s coming from a large brewer, cask, craft or lager I don’t mind. If it’s tastes nice, drink it.

Apart from drinking I also enjoy brewing my own beer, which I’ve done since 2012. I graduated to all grain brewing in 2016 which so far has been a painful but rewarding experience.

Beyond just blogging I’m looking at opening a micropub/bottle shop in 2017 in the Cambridgeshire area…keep watching this space for more info.