Hopfest & Raspbeery - Red Squirrel Brewing Company

Hopfest & Raspbeery – Red Squirrel Brewing Company

Hopfest – American Pale Ale – 3.8%  – Bottle

Brewer’s Description

New world hop based pale ale with a bouquet of tropical fruit salad and underlined hints of lime. The flavour starts with a pronounced pineapple fruitiness and is followed by a lemon sherbert-esque testiness.

Tasting Notes

Bloody lovely. Refreshing. Very sessionable.

Look – golden straw, slight haze
Aroma – mixed tropical, lemon
Taste – sweet, tropical, lemon
Feel – medium, smooth. Crisp.
Finish – light bitterness and lemony.

£21.95 for 5 litres from Eebria.

Hopfest - Red Squirrel Brewing Company

Raspbeery – Pale Ale – 4.5% – Bottle

Brewer’s Description

This refreshing summer beer is late hopped for low bitterness, and unfined to maximise flavour and retain its deep reddish hue. It’s prime time for raspberry picking, but if foraging isn’t your thing, why not kick back with our fruit bomb, Raspberry! Made with real fruit and packed with fruity hops, this is a beer you could mistake for one of your 5-a-day.

Tasting Notes

Would be great on a summer’s day.

Look – hazy pink
Aroma – fruity and sour
Taste – tart, slight raspberry and blackcurrant.
Feel – medium body, quite lively
Finish – sour, light bitterness

£3.15 for 500ml from Eebria.

Raspbeery - Red Squirrel Brewing Company