Paquita Brown – Tyris

Paquita Brown – Tyris

American Brown Ale – 5.2% – Bottle

Brewers’ Description

Good compensation of the sweetness and bitterness being a soft and pleasant taste but with character. It differs from its English relatives in the hopping: more aggressive and aromatic, totally changing the aromatic plane of the malt to the hops.

IBUs: 30

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Tasting Notes

Not sure this is a brown ale tbh, a bit more like a bitter.

Look – Amber, clear, small off white head.

Aroma – Fruity esters, citrus, caramel, grape.

Taste – Fruity, treacle, caramel, grape.

Feel – Light body, smooth.

Finish – Light bitterness, slight sourness.


No price available as I got this from Flavourly as part of a monthly subscription, and I can’t find it anywhere.

Paquita Brown - Tyris