Ten Dollar Shake, Ryesing Tides & V.I.P.A. – Siren Craft Brew

Ten Dollar Shake – American IPA – 6.6% – Bottle

This is what craft is all about, trying new things and pushing the existing styles. Is this an IPA? I’m not sure, I think it’s a whole new style tbh.

Tasting Notes

Look – Murky orangey brown, basically like a tropical juice drink.

Aroma –  As it says on the label tbh: Papaya, mango and passion fruit. Amazing!

Taste – Sweet and fruity.

Feel – Creamy & smooth. Feels like 6.6%.

Finish – Moderately bitter & lingering fruits.


£3.40 for 33cl from Beer Merchants.


V.I.P.A. – IPA – 8.5% – Bottle

Another crafty brew. God knows what I’d define it as though, I’m not 100% sold on it being an IPA…same as above. Slightly malty and a slightly bitter finish, seriously fruity though. It’s based on Vimto (hence the VIPA), which they nailed tbh.

This uses raspberry, blackcurrant, hibiscus and oak to create the Vimto like flavour.

Tasting Notes

Look – Murky reddish brown with a small head that vanishes quite quickly.

Aroma –  Slight caramel, blackcurrant and slight alcohol swell.

Taste – Sweet and caramel initially, then blackcurrant and sour.

Feel – Warming with a medium body.

Finish – Fruity, slightly bitter & dry.


£4.60 for 33cl from Hoptimism.

V.I.P.A. - Siren
V.I.P.A. – Siren

Ryesing Tides – IPA – 7% – Bottle

An absolute corker, will probably be in my top 10 beers of 2017 I’d imagine, bloody beautiful. Excellent use of rye in the mash, and Smile & Mosaic hops to give a really tasty beer.

Tasting Notes

Look – Hazy Light amber with a decent white head

Aroma –  Grapefruit, spice & peach

Taste – Sweet honey and hoppy

Feel – Tight fizzy carbonation and smooth

Finish – Bitter & peppery


£2.94 for 33cl from Hoptimism.

Ryesing Tides - Siren