Hibernator Bock - Panda Frog Project

Hibernator Bock – Mordue Brewery

Bock – 6.3% – Bottle

Now this is my kind of beer!

I HAVE to start with the aroma and taste as that’s what I love. Strong caramel maltiness on the nose, slightly buttery as well. The taste is more of the same, it starts sweet and has a very light dry & hop bitterness to finish off. Lingering after taste is caramel, not too strong. Light- medium bodied.

When poured it has a nice brownish head, low carbonation coming up but that may be the glass as it’s lively on the tongue. A lovely dark amber as you would expect from a Bock…apparently. I haven’t had many, or possibly any, before. I actually assumed it was a bitter when I had first seen and smelt it!

Anyway overall I really enjoyed this beer and will definitely seek it out again.

This is brewed under the experimental arm of Mordue Brewery – The Panda Frog Project.


Hibernator Bock - Panda Frog Project