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Pale Ale & Coffee Anise Porter – The Ticketybrew Company

My first beer review, here we go…

Pale Ale – English Pale Ale – 5.5% – Bottle

Bottle conditioned so mind the pouring if you don’t want any sediment. Pours amber with a small head, slightly hazy which comes from the wheat and any sediment that may have slipped in. On the nose I get a very light citrus aroma, and malt. The taste is delightful, a sweet fruity malt hit to start followed by a medium bitter finish. The flavours reminds me slightly of Belgian beers. Overall I think it’s a really nice balanced beer, and one I’d definitely have again. 4/5.

£2.25 for 33cl from The Beer Shack.


Coffee Anise Porter – Porter – 5.1% – Bottle

Before I start on this one I’d just like to say I’m not really a porter person. That being said I enjoyed this one. Again this is bottle conditioned. A dark clear beer with a small head and not much lacing. Chocolate and a big anise hit on the nose. Taste is pleasant, anise and coffee with a long spiced aftertaste. I think this would make a great food pairing. As with the last I’d certainly have it again. 4/5.

£2.25 for 33cl from The Beer Shack.