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Plastic Cups

In the last 2 days I’ve had a few pints in plastic cups (flexible not rigid) and I just wanted to get some stuff down on my general feelings on them…basically a rant.

My concerns with them are as follows:wp-image-1552419325jpg.jpg

  • The main thing for me, as with most people I think, is the feel of them. They feel and look cheap. Glass just gives more to the overall quality experience I’m after when having a drink.
  • The flexi ones end up in the bin after 1 use. The rigid ones scratch and scuff after a few uses and so end up in the bin. Neither are therefore good for the environment. This is my main concern.
  • Even though no taste is imparted into the beer there is a plastic aroma that you get, so when you drink the beer it feels like you’re tasting plastic.

wp-image-2007889347jpg.jpgI understand the reasons for them being used; convenience (lightweight, take up less space, disposable) and no danger from broken glass. In this day and age convenience is not a good enough reason, at the end of the day (or month) these plastic cups end up in the bin where as glass can last 10 years plus if looked after properly. That just leaves the possibility of breaking. In a heaving nightclub or similar I can appreciate that’s an issue, however one of the places I had a plastic pint glass in was theatre, seriously…what the hell?! They’re being over used in my opinion and where possible they should be avoided, simply down to their environmental impact.

That being said the Goose Island IPA I had today from the flexi plastic was very good; light citrus aroma, malty taste with a light bitter finish. Very drinkable but not the best one out there.